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A wallpapers and murals company with years of industry experience now looking to expand their growth through a strong digital presence. Disrupting the offline and online industry with their unique set of offerings.

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Seamless repeat pattern wallpapers


Handpicked singular design murals


countries Custom printing own images or from net


Customize designs as per your needs

About the Morphico project

Morphico is an E-commerce website specializing in selling wallpapers and Murals online. It considers 3 values of design, quality and experience as the core of its offerings. With hundreds of handpicked designs created by renounced designers worldwide, morphico brings to customers the best quality material for wallpaper.

Its online presence is signified by its out-of-box product and service offerings. Today where all wallpaper sellers are only selling as per multiple of rolls, morphico is the first in the industry to offer wallpaper as per wall size. Backed by complex calculations to calculate wallpaper ominfowave helped them develop a precise wallpaper roll calculator.

Morphico is completely focused on giving its customer a holistic experience when it came to purchasing wallpaper and murals. It is one of the few companies which provides its customers with an online experience to crop and select a mural as per their wall size and probably the only one which lets them do it in real-time. These specific requirements made the development challenging but were skillfully delivered by the technical team.

Few key offerings and how are they the best in class experience.

Seamless wallpaper : Catalogues from across the best and finest wallpaper printers are not made available on morphico. Even as all these wallpapers come in different sizes we created a custom solution that allows users to buy as per wall dimensions with the help of its proprietary wallpaper amount calculation.

Singular design murals : Large wall murals handpicked by expert designers in interior space. Printed to order these murals offering posed a unique challenge of letting users custom select the section of the wallpaper that needs to be printed based on the wall dimensions provided by theuser. This is truly the industry's first fully DIY experience for the customer in mural printing

Custom wallpaper printing : A tool-based end-to-end DIY experience to let the user print their own design by uploading the high-quality images. This combined with image editing options like 2X resolution enhancement using AI and basic image editing make this truly a benchmark in the digital experience of custom wallpaper printing. Morphico also provides an option to print images you might have come across on the internet. It is truly a hassle-free experience as morphico takes care of procuring the image and printing it for you.

What do we prove with our delivery of morphico?

Technical assessment

Technical consultation based on customers' requirements and not our capabilities made it possible to deliver the best wallpaper buying experience.

Design and Tech

Design based on user feedback and technical assessment of all design aspects to buy and customize wallpaper and murals online.

Precision planning

Clear and precise planning of going to market and launching wallpaper and murals offering along with custom wallpaper printing.

On-time delivery

Delivering the project in the set timeline and ensuring that our client can plan its other activities without any disruption in the plan.

Quality of delivery

Delivering all aspects of requirements as per user stories and ensuring the output is best in call and a new industry standard.

On-budget Delivery

No escalation in cost for the clients and the project delivery put a smile on our client’s faces.

Morphico offerings

End-to-end solutions

From wallpaper catalogue selection and delivery to installation. All done by Morphico.

Buy as per wall size

No more purchasing rolls. Calculate and buy wallpaper as per your wall size. No wastage.

Fully digital journey

From making a choice, providing wall dimension, selecting the printable area of wallpaper to payment. All online.

500+ unique designs

Ever increasing pool of designs of seamless wallpaper, murals and custom printing. A one-stop shop for wallpapers & murals

Print to-order murals

No need to buy oversized pre-printed murals which crop away most of the designs. Get optimum printing.

High-quality paper and ink

printed using Eco-friendly materials and safe latex paint that deliver a high-quality product

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