We help you breathe life into your ideas. Through our range of services, we aim to provide the perfect digital mould for your vision just survive, but thrive!

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Web & IT Outsourcing Service Provider

As your IT service provider, we strive to breathe life into your vision; and through our set of excellent services, we not only let that vision survive, but ensure that it thrives!

Om Infowave is a web service provider, that specializes in providing IT outsourcing services of every type possible, so that your business can be sufficiently armed to expand, as well as beat any competitor's position in the market.

Android App Development

We know exactly how to make use of one of the most rapidly growing mobile platforms in the world, to make you a mobile app that stands apart from the crowd.

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Graphics & Web Designing

Making your application come alive with ingenious and dynamic designs – that is what our Graphics and Web designing team strives to achieve.

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iPhone App Development

Being a top notch IT service provider , our team makes use of one of the most elite operating systems in the world, and create the most exclusive app to represent your business.

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Hybrid App Development

We bring together the best of both web and native worlds, to provide you with a mobile app experience that is high on features and functionality, while not so high on the cost.

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